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Red, Blue & Well
University of Mississippi

Webinars can be a convenient way to learn, and we have two primary sources for webinars that support employee and workplace wellness.

Deer Oaks EAP

As part of our partnership with Deer Oaks EAP Services to support employees in the workplace, Deer Oaks provides monthly live webinars for UM employees and supervisors.

Upcoming programs are available at:  

Through our relationship with Deer Oaks EAP, we also have access to an archive of additional online seminars, and they post two new trainings each month directly to the UM EAP website. To browse those offerings, click here to reach the UM EAP website and scroll down to “online seminars”—there’s lots there!

Want to know more about Employee Assistance Programs available to UM employees? Click here.


ActiveHealth is available to all employees and their dependents covered by the Mississippi School and State Employee Health Plan, administered by BCBS. For information about the programs and services it offers, including webinars, visit this page.