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Red, Blue & Well
University of Mississippi

Social Health

Social connection and belonging is a human need, and it’s also important for a productive and healthy workplace.

Employee Resource Groups

Employee Resource Groups, or ERGs, are employee-led and facilitated groups based on a shared identity or role. ERGs provide support and connection, advance personal and professional development for participants, and contribute to a greater sense of belonging to the University community. ERGs provide an informal welcome to new employees, and offer networking and mentoring benefits to all employees. They can even provide a resource for UM leadership regarding employee interests, needs, and policies. Visit for more information.

Food for the Soul

Come enjoy a healthy meal, participate in roundtable discussions and hear from speakers about healthy living, work life balance, and the importance of social connections.

This is a monthly event sponsored by Red, Blue & Well that meets the third Wednesday of the month in the Old Athletics Building: come when you can between 11:30 am -1:30 pm.  Some months feature a speaker at noon but anyone is welcome to come at their convenience during the 11:30 am-1:30 pm window to enjoy a free, healthy meal. Watch your UM Today feed for monthly announcements about speakers, and contact Susan Kelly with questions.

Grief Support Group for UM Employees

Twice a month, the Grief Support Group meets and provides a safe and welcoming space for employees to process loss. Led by a licensed counselor, the group is for anyone going through a journey of loss.

Participants may choose to share their experiences and/or learn from others going through similar experiences. The group may focus on such issues as exploring the grieving process, handling extreme emotions, creating memorials for a loved one, coping with additional stressors, cultural and societal expectations on grieving, when to seek additional help, and other related issues as needed.

The Grief Support Group is open to any faculty or staff who have experienced loss or death in their life, whether recently or in the past. Confidentiality for all attendees will be of utmost importance and no records will be kept of attendance in any personnel or academic file.

Employees are encouraged to utilize this time as a benefit. The Grief Support Group is co-sponsored by the University Counseling Center and HR’s Work-Life Resources office ( or, and is facilitated by a licensed counselor. The group meets on the second and fourth Wednesdays of each month in the Harrison Room, which is on the third floor of the main library, at the top of the Lyceum-side stairs.

Wellness Champions

Want to get the inside scoop on Red, Blue & Well’s workplace wellness programming and opportunities? Interested in sharing wellness-related information in your department or building? Ready to inject some positive energy around wellness into your area and help come up with wellness ideas for our campus? Want to be part of a team of folks from around campus with similar interest in all aspects of workplace wellness? Consider becoming a Red, Blue & Well Wellness Champion! Email for more information.

Podcasts and Puzzles

All UM faculty, staff and students are welcome to gather and listen to a podcast while working alone or together on a puzzle or other quiet activity — jigsaw puzzle, crossword puzzle, coloring/sketching, knitting, collage — you name it. Small talk and socializing in this welcoming space is available but not required! Thursdays from 3:00-4:00 in Hill Hall 214. Registration is appreciated but not mandatory. Email Liz Norell for more information:

Questions? Feedback? Contact us at

University of Mississippi Faculty + Staff weigh in on their wellness experiences at UM

*RebelWell was a Red, Blue & Well precursor.

Rebel Well has helped improved my health in several areas.  First, since the end of May, I have lost two pant sizes.  Along with Pari (our Rebel Well trainer) I attended the health fair during the summer and got current information regarding my basic health (blood pressure, weight, flexibility, heart rate).  Soon thereafter, Pari, our trainer, attended a training session and brought back a formula that used your weight  in order to find out how many calories you were having to eat to maintain your weight or lose 1 pound per week. By using this one piece of information combined with the walking challenges, I have been able to consistently, but slowly lose weight….and I’m still losing.

The best part is that it hasn’t felt like a chore; in fact, it has had the effect of team building in our department as we have supported each other in becoming healthier!  Thanks RebelWell keep up the good work!”

-Catherine Hultman, Program Coordinator, UM Online Design and eLearning


“RebelWell definitely motivated me to reach my daily walking goals!  I really enjoyed keeping up with my progress on the Walking Challenge Log.  I’m still hanging in there and try to walk every morning before work.”

Hillary Goulding, Assistant to the Dean, UM Patterson School of Accountancy


“The daily walking habits that our department developed during the RebelWell daily walking initiative ingrained a pattern of regular walking for many of us in the department.”

-Randy Uncapher, Instructional Technology Designer, UM Online Design and eLearning


“I just wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed all of the events of the Holiday Challenge. I have learned a lot about nutrition and healthy eating. It has help me change my daily eating habits.”

Deborah Smith, Senior Accountant, Office of the Bursar


“I love being a RebelWell Champion and promoting and sharing the healthy activities and workshops sponsored by RebelWell in our office. We participated in the Spring and Fall Walking Challenges and won the latter boosting our morale and motivating our office further to continue with daily healthy activities for a minimum of 30 minutes each. Besides the challenges, we have also enjoyed talks and workshops hosted by RebelWell along with the Nutrition department on campus and learned a lot about not just healthy activities, but also healthy eating and stress relief in our daily lives.

I am a huge fan of the program and hope that it continues to grow and spread health and wellness among all OleMiss employees!”

Pari Bhatt, Former Instructional Technology Designer and RebelWell Wellness Champion, UM Online Design and eLearning